Non-slip Suction Placemat Combo. Includes Monkey Silicone Placemat and Spoon for Baby, Toddler & Kids. Ideal for Highchair Feeding, Kitchen Dining Table and Outdoors.

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No more mess, no more broken dishes. With this placemat you can safely leave your kid unattended without the fear of them picking up the plate, spilling everything over the floor, table and themselves, as well as breaking the plate. Non-slip suction placemat fits perfectly on high chair or dinner table. Great fun design for kids to enjoy while eating some healthy treats.


1. What surfaces does this placemat adhere to?
A. This suction placemat was designed to work best with flat surfaces such as glass, wood, granite, plastic, etc. It does not work as well on tile as the gaps between the tiles allow air below the plate and prevent the suction to take place.

2. What if my placemat does not stick to the surface?
A. Submerge the palcemat into hot water for about 30 minutes, it will recover its original properties and suction will work normally.Ideal gift for baby showers, newborn, birthday parties or just because.
100% Food Grade Material & BPA Free.
Oven, Microwave & Dishwasher Safe.
Easy to clean with warm soapy water.
One piece placemat & plate.

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