Metal gazebo designs and materials

Metal-gazebo-designWhat are the different metal gazebo ideas? What are the best materials for my metal gazebo: wrought iron, aluminum, steel, etc?

Metal gazebos are perfect for those who want quality time outdoors but just wish to get away from the hassles of maintaining a wooden gazebo. Just because your patio or garden gazebo is made of metal does not mean you are sacrificing your style.

Wood pavilions, especially the Victorian gazebo, emanate an Old World feel. However, you can recapture that romantic ambiance with a metal gazebo design, as well. Metal gazebos are perfect as a pool lounge, hot tub shade, and a year round outdoor living area.

What are the advantages of choosing a metal gazebo?

A metal frame gazebo is lightweight, easy to assemble, and more affordable than its wooden counterpart. Another is that a metal gazebo is very durable; there is no need to have it treated or pressurized like solid wood. The versatility of metal gazebos makes it possible to construct whatever design you can think of.

gazebo with metal roofWhat are the materials for a metal frame gazebo?

Metal, as a building material is durable enough to stand the test of time and the harshest outdoor conditions the whole year round. Common metals used as a metal gazebo frame is iron, wrought iron, steel, galvanized steel, and aluminum.

Iron rods are the common skeletons of metal gazebos. Because metal is malleable enough, metal frame gazebos can range from the simplest design to the most intricate. This factor makes the metal gazebo a canvas for your originality.

Aluminum is the material of choice for portable metal gazebos because it is lightweight yet strong qualities. And like galvanized steel, aluminum is resistant to rust.

Aside from the metal gazebo frame, you also need to consider the material for the gazebo roof. Your metal gazebo roof can be made of canvas, plastic, or even metal sheets. Choosing a gazebo roof mostly depends on your geography as your gazebo should adapt to your clime.

If your locale experiences heavy snowfall, your metal gazebo roof should be sturdy enough to accommodate the weight of snow. On the other hand, if your place receives abundant sunlight, your metal gazebo roof may need an insulation sheet fitted beneath the roof to minimize heat and glare.

What are the metal gazebo designs I can choose from?

Depending on your need and style, your metal gazebo can either be open roofed or it can be covered with a canopy. These are some of the common metal frame gazebos:

Filigree-metal-gazeboFiligree metal gazebo

Intricate lattice works and pointy steel rods of the filigree metal gazebo exudes a Gothic and elegant feel. You can trail flowering vines over the metal gazebo frame to make an organic roof. You can place a bench underneath to enjoy a feast of senses: a cool shade and an enticing fragrance of the flowers. Some filigree metal gazebos have attachable canopies made with canvas, plastic, and other weather-resistant materials.

Metal Parisienne gazebo

The Parisian gazebo is an open metal gazebo (often times this type of metal gazebo is unroofed), whose history goes back to the 14th century France when it was used as in Paris cafés and gardens of the aristocrats.

Like the filigree metal gazebo, the Parisian gazebo can also host climbing vines. Bring your favorite cup of coffee outdoors under the shade of your Parisienne gazebo, and say “c’est la vie!” Most Parisian gazebos are made from wrought iron.

Cast metal gazebo

Cast iron is made when hot fluid metal is poured into a mold. Cast iron gazebos make you nostalgic of the bygone Victorian era. The richly ornate and elegantly classy iron metal gazebo is robust enough to stand the test of time and the outdoor elements.

Aluminum-gazeboAluminum gazebo

The lightness of aluminum, due to its low density, makes it the material of choice of portable gazebos. There are plenty of pre-fabricated aluminum gazebo kits in home improvement stores. You can prop up an aluminum gazebo anywhere. Modern designs of aluminum gazebos make them foldable for easy mobility and storage. Aluminum gazebos also have washable canopies or cloth coverings.

Modern metal gazebo

Plastic and metal is fused together to make a lightweight and compact garden gazebo. The edgy modern design flatters a house with a contemporary architecture. Plastic and metal are both easy to care materials. It still serves the same purpose as the traditional metal gazebo designs yet it has an urban flair. Some metal modern metal gazebos are collapsible.

How can I take good care of my metal gazebo?

Rust is the top enemy of your metal gazebo. Your first line of defense is to apply powder-coating to avoid corrosion on your gazebo metal especially for steel and iron. Protect the powder-coated metal from scratches as this causes rust to set in the metal inside.

Gazebo manufacturers have special instructions on how to care for their products. Follow this guide to make your gazebo last longer for your outdoor living and entertaining needs.

But in general, the metal gazebo only needs a low maintenance. This sets it apart from other kinds garden and patio gazebos designs.




Wooden gazebo ideas

Victorian-style-gazeboChoosing the best outdoor wood gazebo designs for your garden or patio

The traditional wooden gazebo was originally meant to be a garden pavilion, a wooden kiosk, a bandstand, or a lookout tower standing in the midst of the park or in other public places.

One of the most popular wooden gazebo designs is the white Victorian gazebo characterized with the traditional hexagonal floor plan and is open on all sides. It is usually accented with a wooden arbor, a cupola, a lattice panel, an arbor, and other dainty decorations.

Today, wooden gazebos are still a perennial architectural favorite. Modern wood gazebo ideas come in different sizes and designs, and they are often times utilized as a hot tub shade, an outdoor living room, and an alfresco entertainment area.

What’s the best wooden gazebo design?

The wooden gazebo can be very versatile yet it still exudes that whimsical old world feel. Whatever style you choose, make sure your wooden gazebo design also meets your personal comfort.

The Victorian gazebo

This typical gazebo is the most romantic of all. The Victorian style gazebo is a perfect venue for a garden wedding. This type of lawn gazebo is ideal for houses with quaint architectural details. The Victorian gazebo is often times capped with a cupola, a small dome-like structure atop the roof. Shingles (overlapping sheets of wood, asbestos, or metal) is commonly used for roofing.

Balinese-gazebo-designThe Bali wood gazebo

The typical Balinese gazebo is open and breezy. They are mostly made with coconut lumber and thatched roofing – the building materials suitable for tropical climes. A Bali design gazebo gives an exotic vibe to your garden or pool area. It looks alluring to lounge in when it is draped with mosquito nets or sheer fabrics.

The wooden modern gazebo

Contemporary wood gazebo designs are known for their simple yet elegant lines. Compared to the traditional Victorian gazebo that has intricate details and carving, the modern wooden gazebo has an edgier and urban feel. The most important feature of a modern wood gazebo is its functionality. Often times, a contemporary wooden gazebo has unusual designs but nonetheless, it has been ergonomically engineered.

Wooden-hot-tub-gazeboThe hot tub wooden gazebo

It has been a fad lately to cover a hot tub bath with a gazebo. Sometimes called a spa gazebo, it incorporates wellness into your lifestyle since a hot tub in your home is a great way to relax and have fun while being healthy. Soak in your wooden hot tub gazebo while having hydrotherapy or a soothing water massage.

The wooden closed gazebo

The practicality of the closed wooden gazebo is endless. From the outside, its charming wood exteriors look inviting. The wooden closed gazebo can be used as a pool house, a home office, and many other possibilities. Closed wood gazebos can also be installed with an air cooling system to keep you cool in the summer.

Wooden-deck-gazeboThe wooden deck gazebo

A gazebo does not need to be in a garden or a patio –it can be on a deck, too. A deck is an unroofed porch, commonly made of wood, attached to a house. A wooden gazebo is the perfect complement to a sunny deck. The wooden deck gazebo provides a little shade when you host barbecue parties or for cover if you do not want to bask under the sun when you stay outdoors.

The sandbox wood gazebo

Every kid and kid-at-heart will truly enjoy playing under the roof of a sandbox gazebo. Your little tots can now make mud pies and build the sandcastle of their fantasy under the shade and protection from UV rays. A wooden sandbox gazebo is just like an all-weather playpen.

custom-made-wooden-gazeboWooden gazebo kit vs. custom-made wood gazebo

If you are an excellent woodcrafter and you have the power tools to make a wooden gazebo, it is always fun to make your gazebo by yourself. Not only is it rewarding, you can modify your wood gazebo according to your personal taste.

However, if you are not handy in cutting wood with an electric saw by yourself, you may opt to order a wooden gazebo kit.

A DIY (do-it-yourself) wood gazebo kit contains pre-cut pieces. Assembling your gazebo kit is pretty much like piecing a puzzle together. All you need is a hammer and a handful of nails. However, the downside of a DIY gazebo plan is that you cannot have it personalized since the parts are already prepared.

On the other hand, when you are no handyman, you can always order a pre-fabricated wood gazebo. Custom-made wood gazebos

What kind of wood should I use for my gazebo?

Since your wooden gazebo is an outdoor structure, your materials should stand the wear and tear of the outside elements. Solid wood like teak, pine, oak, mahogany, cedar, among others is ideal to use for your gazebo structure.

However, wood is organic so it will always be susceptible to rot, termites, cracking and fading. Cedar, though it produces a natural oil that wards off insects, is prone brown-yellow discolorations through time. Likewise, pine wood also turns yellowish as its ages.

There are plenty of do-it-yourself wooden gazebo kits in the market with various wood gazebo designs. But some of them are made from substandard materials. Remember, using quality materials will make your gazebo last longer.

How can I make my wood gazebo last?

Weathering on your wooden gazebo can be prevented by using a pressure treated wood which is often called the “wood for all seasons.”

Pressure treated wood has undergone an intensive treating process wherein a chemical preservative is infused into the wood. After chemical infusion, the wood is depressurized to remove air. Pressure treated wood can withstand pests and fungus for up to 20 years.

Garden gazebos using natural wood may require little maintenance. However you can preserve the wood’s natural beauty by applying a coat of water-repellant sealer every two to four years. You may also use a tainted sealer to give the wood a dark stain.

Some gazebo wood is painted. It may require a little more maintenance since paint cracks or fades through time so you may have to repaint your wood gazebo every now and then.


Gazebo designs

Beautiful-gazebo-designGarden furniture accessories guide on outdoor patio and garden gazebo ideas. What is the best gazebo design for my outdoors?

Gazebo designs come in different shapes and sizes. A gazebo adds a cozy and romantic touch to any home. Intimate moments with your loved ones or quality time for yourself are best under the shade of your garden gazebo. On your next barbecue party, your patio gazebo will surely be a conversational piece among your guests.

Gazebo ideas are endless but all of them are intended for your relaxation and pleasure. You can build an outdoor gazebo in your garden so you can have a shade while you pot your flowers and herbs. Add a whimsical gazebo as a highlight in your lawn’s landscape.

What is the best patio and garden gazebo design for my home?

A gazebo, as an annex to your house, should echo the architecture of your home or your landscape. The basic structure of a gazebo is a free-standing garden pavilion supported by posts or a structure attached to a garden wall. Gazebos have a roof and are open on all sides.

Garden or patio gazebos also include kiosks, belvederes, follies (decorative garden structures), alambras, and pergolas. Different gazebos ideas serve the same purposes – for shade, shelter, and decoration.

You may opt to commission your local carpenter to build a gazebo or you can get a customized portable gazebo from home improvement stores. You can also choose between a wooden gazebo and a metal gazebo.

In general, garden or patio gazebo designs are classified into:

Closed-roof-garden-gazeboClosed roof garden gazebo designs

The first mention of the word gazebo brings you to imagine a white, octagonal garden pavilion with delicate lattice ornaments on the walls. Someone you might know might have held his or her wedding against the backdrop of the romantic and classic Victorian gazebo.

However, your closed gazebo or roofed gazebo design is not only limited to the hexagonal floor plan. Modern gazebo designs are made of metal with a fabric canopy roof. Gazebo roofs in the United States are often made from shingles.

The closed garden gazebo may also be screened to ward off mosquitoes and flies. Screened patio gazebos, when joined to the house, become a functional sunroom where you can enjoy the outdoors with the comfort of your living room all year round.

To add an exotic flair to your home, a Bali gazebo draped with Sunbrella fabric or any sheer textiles will always be chic when you place it by your poolside. Marble or stone garden gazebos are reminiscent of Greek architecture. Portable gazebos are easy to install and care for.

Another unique gazebo design is a Japanese style gazebo that looks like an oversized lantern. This gazebo idea gives your home a tranquil zen atmosphere. There are other wooden gazebo designs you choose from.

Open-roof-gazebo designOpen roof patio gazebo designs

A pergola is another gazebo idea when you want to have an al fresco living space. Make a trellis using crisscrossed rafters or beams, and train vines over them. The foliage serves as a shade so you can have an open air sitting area or a spot for your hot tub.

A hot tub gazebo is not only meant as a luxurious home addition, it is also a healthy option. A good soak in your own backyard spa is perfect after a tiresome day from work.

The Parisienne gazebo or the Parisian metal gazebo became popular in France in the 14th century. This type of open roof garden gazebo is made of metal with arches and trellis to allow vines to climb. Metal gazebos will instantly give a rustic and romantic vibe to your garden.

The good thing about the open roof gazebo is that you can always cover it with a canopy to keep you dry when it rains or shield you away from the sun when it becomes too hot.

What are the factors to consider in my gazebo ideas?

Purpose – the gazebo or garden kiosk is versatile, it can be made into anything you like from a potting shed, sitting room, hot tub shade, pool lounge, and the list can go on.

But first, decide what the main purpose of your gazebo is. A lawn gazebo is usually made as the focal point in a landscape. A patio gazebo is mostly an extension of the main house.

Once you have determined the purpose of your gazebo, this is time you think how to accessorize your gazebo according to your needs. To ward off insects, you can use garden gazebo screens.

For hot climes, you can add a ceiling fan or an air cooling system along with glass panels. If you intend to put up a mini bar in your patio gazebo, consider adding water taps. For night parties, install light fixtures.

Size and location – Next is to figure out the ideal location of your gazebo. Is it near the kitchen so you can easily access it during tea time? Or do you want it by your poolside so you can laze around after taking a dip?

Then determine how big or small your gazebo should be. Pre-fabricated or portable gazebo kits come in different sizes you can choose from. But if you want your gazebo to be constructed on your chosen spot, use a can of spray paint to outline your gazebo’s floor plan. Walk around and visualize your gazebo to see if the space does not feel crowded.

Materials – according to your chosen gazebo design, you can choose among a variety of building materials. Most garden gazebos in the United States are made with traditional wood planks (teak, mahogany, birch, cedar, etc) and shingles.

Bali gazebos call for exotic materials like coconut lumber and thatch roofs. Wooden gazebo designs may be more costly than those made of metal and vinyl. Metal gazebo designs use wrought iron, cast iron, or tin.


Types of lawn furniture

Learn what type of lawn furniture is right for you

With the wide variety of furniture designs for your lawn, choosing the right one is going to be a challenge. But deciding can be less of a hassle if you know the different types of lawn furniture.

This way you will know the advantages and disadvantages of each type, and you will find out what suits your budget, need, and taste.

Types of lawn furniture by material

wooden-lawn-furnitureWood lawn furniture

Wooden outdoor furniture for the lawn has been tested on terms of comfort and durability. An example is teak lawn furniture which is known to be the best type of wooden furniture for the outdoors. It is repellent to insects and is tolerant to the changes of the weather. It does not require much maintenance and does not deteriorate in quality and appearance through time.

Another popular type of wood lawn furniture is cedar. Both red and white cedar lawn furniture pieces are considered average when it comes to performance and quality next to teak, balau, and eucalyptus wood furniture. Cedar secretes natural aromatic oils that drive away insects such as moths and termites. This type of wooden garden furniture does not shrink and warp even when exposed to heat and moisture especially with proper care and maintenance.

Because of its quality and toughness, wooden lawn furniture can be expensive. Then again, the investment is going to be worth it. Wood furniture for the outdoors is best for cottage garden design and old rustic garden style.

Wicker-lawn-furnitureWicker lawn furniture

Wicker is a woven fiber (can be of plant origin such as rattan or synthetic material like plastic) formed into a rigid material usually used for baskets but also for furniture. Wicker outdoor furniture has gained popularity in modern garden design ideas because of its exotic look and the comfort it offers.

An advantage of wicker garden furniture pieces is that they are lightweight, thus, they can be transported from one place to another without difficulty. They are easy to clean and maintain as they only needed to be dusted or polished occasionally. However, they may be not as long lasting as classic lawn wooden furniture.

For even more cozy seating, cushions can also go with your wicker furniture sets.

Metal-lawn-furnitureMetal outdoor furniture for your lawn

Most kinds of metal lawn furniture sets are extremely tough and can be permanent furniture pieces for your lawn. Depending on the design and type of metal, they can create a classic, gothic, or modern look to your garden.
Wrought iron furniture, for example, is the toughest type of metal outdoor furniture. It can be easily welded which is why elegant curves and shapes are made with less difficulty. Wrought iron will rust in time and may need regular repainting. To protect it from speedy damage, outdoor furniture covers made of durable fabric are highly recommended.

Aluminum and steel lawn furniture are other types of metal furniture ideal for the garden. They are not as strong as wrought iron and are generally appropriate for modern gardens.

Plastic-lawn-furniturePlastic lawn furniture

An example of cheap lawn furniture is plastic furniture. Though they are most affordable, plastic furniture pieces do not necessarily have to look substandard. With the modern technology, plastic can look like wood, steel, or fiberglass outdoor furniture.

To last longer, your plastic furniture pieces need great amounts of care. Protect them with outdoor furniture covers or keep them during the hottest and coldest seasons so they will not crack, break, or fade.

Because these types of lawn furniture are usually light, you can keep them in shady or protected areas when they are not in use.

Types of lawn furniture by style

Vintage outdoor furniture

For the feel of antiquity, some decorators and homeowners would prefer the timeless beauty and elegance of vintage lawn furniture. These types are usually made of wood and/or wrought iron.

Retro lawn furniture

Yellow, red, pink, neon and anything bright…or you can go for black and white. That is going retro with your lawn furniture. These pieces are inspired from the good old days of retro art in the 1940s to 1950s and retro music of the 1970s to 1980s. Retro lawn furniture can be made from plastic, fiberglass, or aluminum.

Modern lawn furniture

The millennium and beyond is the inspiration of modern lawn furniture. The contemporary design is minimalist, slim, classy, and sometimes even futuristic. Steel, synthetic wood, and recycled plastic are few types of material for modern outdoor furniture for the lawn.

Cottage garden style

Outdoor garden design ideas

Discover how to design your garden by knowing the basic landscaping design ideas

Mediterranean-inspired, old rustic style, minimalist, cottage garden or go tropical – these are just few of landscaping ideas for your garden. Planning them is a lot of fun but execution can be quite a mess.

While designing your garden is best done by professionals, it is surely attainable too if you do it yourself. For a good start, know about different outdoor garden design ideas that you could choose from.

Mediterranean-style-garden1.) Mediterranean garden style

The Mediterranean garden design captures the feel and atmosphere of Greece, Italy, France, or Spain. It creates a laid-back ambiance which is why it is becoming a choice for American homeowners who want to have a get-away.

Mediterranean style, however, is most ideal for places with hot and dry summers and almost frost-free winters as it is composed of drought tolerant plants and vines, and colorful flowers like lavender, rosemary, etc.

To complete a Mediterranean-inspired garden, you should use terracotta, sandstones, and ceramics for the main hard landscape while pergolas for a shaded walk or passageway for the garden will make beautiful accessories.

old-rustic-garden-style2.) Old rustic garden style

Old rustic garden style is usually a choice when you want to create a warm, casually elegant, country home ambiance to your garden.

This garden design aims to move away from the bore of formality as it is composed of rustic wood patio furniture (rough wood such as branches of trees made as furniture), willow fence and live willow cuttings made into fascinating lawn accessories, vines and more.

The rustic style for the garden will best match with old homes and is not advised for houses of modern designs.

When it comes to completing a rustic-inspired yard, you can use almost anything as planters – from old wheelbarrows, used pails, even used kitchen sinks. But of course, you have to make them as presentable as possible.

Minimalist-garden-style3.) Minimalist contemporary garden design ideas

Minimalist design for your garden is not only sophisticated, it can also be economical by making the most of the limited material or space that you have. If you wish to apply the minimalist style, resourcefulness is the key.

With this garden style, you would have to make use of geometric figures, say, square flower pots or rectangular planters.

Usually, contemporary outdoor furniture of sleek designs and simple colors are placed in a minimalist garden and common main landscape materials are steel, glass, limestone, and wood. It also does not involve flourishing plants or trees and looks generally tidy.

Cottage garden style4.) Cottage Style Gardening

Cottage garden originated in England and began to develop during Tudor period. At the beginning, a cottage garden is created for crops to sustain the family. Flowers would only grow in the garden but are not its main features.

In modern garden design, cottage style gardening is ideal for small houses such as bungalows. It also creates a more cozy and colorful mood to a home.

Traditional plants like poppies, cornflowers, daisies, dahlias, and sunflowers among others will complete this garden design. It does not involve a strictly formal design and does not have space for a lawn.

Tropical-garden-style5.) Tropical Landscape

Bring the lush of the tropics in your own home with the tropical garden design. Main components in a tropical landscape are lots of plants – the hardy plants (those that survive even without much protection during cold season) and tender ones (those that need sufficient care especially during winter).

In this garden design, you may also need the water element which will be represented by a pool, a small pond, or a fountain. It adds a refreshing environment to your very own tropical paradise. A tiki bar with the right garden chairs would also be great accessories especially when you are in for a party mood.

When you design your garden, ideas are limitless. Those presented above are just few of the styles most common in various homes and commercial establishments today. Choosing the right one for your can be hard so try seeking for the advice of a professional landscape artist or exterior decorator. And most importantly sort out first the qualities of an ideal garden for you according to your need, taste, and budget.

garden furniture fabric covers

Guide in finding the right fabric for outdoor furniture covers

fabric for outdoor furniture coversChoosing the best fabric for outdoor furniture

Naturally, you would have chosen weatherproof pieces of furniture for your garden so that they would last long despite the changes in the weather conditions. On the other hand, you will eventually realize that having the furniture as weatherproof is not that reliable.

At some point, it may not be enough that your furniture can endure the outdoors, so you decide to buy covers for your outdoor furniture. Covering your furniture is the easiest way to maintain them and to extend their life span.

So should it be hopsack, twill, canvas, jacquards, polyester, or vinyl? How do you find the most durable cover fabric for patio furniture covers that can protect your outdoor furniture from the sun, snow, rain, or moisture? Or make it, where can you get the correct information about these cover fabrics in the first place?

The internet is the fastest way to access information these days, so will it be your access to the furniture industry in just a matter of “keywords”.

Not only does the internet provide you with more or less complete data about the cover fabric, it will also provide you with companies, manufacturers, and sellers who are more than willing to tell you the features and qualities of their products, the ordering processes, warranties, etc.

Most of the time too, it is where you will find comparisons on different items to help you with deciding what fabric is best for your outdoor furniture cover. On the other hand, the internet could not easily answer if you have follow-up questions in a snap. It provides less proximity between you and to whom you are trying to communicate.

The furniture stores are the most credible source of information about furniture – their accessories, maintenance, and yes, the material for the cover. To guide you in choosing and buying the right fabric for patio furniture covers, just ask furniture store sales agents who are ever ready to entertain your queries. Since every person is a potential customer, they would be very glad to help you out and because you do the asking personally, you are certain that you get your answers right then and there.

garden furniture fabric coversTextile stores or hardware stores also know about fabric or cover materials. Since hopsacks or canvas may fall under the textile category, textile store salespersons can also give you the idea on the quality of the mentioned fabrics. Hardware stores also deal with furniture craftsmen and even manufacturers, so you can actually rely that they can provide you bits of facts about the right fabric or the factors to consider upon choosing the cover for your outdoor furniture.

Some people you know. Before you really gain confidence to ask some other strangers out there, you may also seek the advice of some friends who happen to be knowledgeable about furniture, may it be because they have experienced buying lots of furniture or they had been working in the industry. Word of mouth is one of the most effective tools of communication after all. Most of the time, the people you already know are also the ones who will give you the idea of resorting to browse the internet, ask furniture store agents, or visit textile and hardware stores.

With all these in the list, you would not have to go through clueless purchasing and having to regret in the end why you did not exert a little effort to be a wise consumer.

covers for outdoor teak furniture

How to choose the right covers for outdoor teak furniture?

covers for outdoor teak furnitureGuide in choosing the best covers for your teak wood furniture

To prolong the life and beauty of your teak furniture, you can consider protecting them from dirt, the harsh effects of the weather changes, and the damage of some insects like termites.

One way could be transferring your outdoor furniture indoors during the cold days.

On the other hand, another way of protecting your outdoor teak furniture is leaving them outside but covering them – even during hot summer days and especially when the winter or the rainy seasons come. That’s less the hassle of moving furniture, you might agree.

But how do you know you are buying the right cover for your outdoor teak furniture?

Here are some considerations in choosing the covers that will help protect your teak furniture from early deterioration and discoloration.

Fabric – You must choose covers with smooth fabric. Aside that rough surfaces does not feel good to your skin, it may also scratch your furniture with regular contact. Scratches surely are not appealing. You would also want your outdoor furniture look good even with their covers. So, choose colors that fit your taste. Covers however, do not really have patterns and glaring designs. They are usually plain with colors that do not hurt the eyes like green, khaki, or cream.

outdoor teak furniture coversAbove everything, the material or fabric must be durable. By that, it means that the cover must not easily tear apart; else, it defeats the purpose of protecting your furniture. With durability too, you would not have to keep buying new covers every so often.

Waterproof – Though teak can sustain water, protecting them from water can help extend the life of your teak furniture. Water usually causes wood to rot easily. The cover for your furniture must be waterproof to protect them from moisture that could cause molds and the decay of your teak furniture.

Breathable cover –The warmth of the sun could cause any common fabric to “sweat” from inside and the humidity will be trapped in there and will cause mildew. However, waterproof covers are usually not breathable. You would then have to provide proper ventilation by sewing plastic vents to the cover fabric.

Adjustability – You have to make sure that there are locks or ties so that your cover will perfectly fit your furniture. With exact fit, your furniture will be protected from dust, dirt, pollens, and some other elements that are almost invisible and simply go with the wind. Protecting your furniture from dirt means you would not have to do some cleaning every now and then to your teak furniture, thus, the pieces do not have to be wet often.

Sun-proof – Prolonged sun exposure may cause your furniture to be very dry and will possibly crack. The sun may also cause your furniture color to fade. Though the change in color to teak is not a sign of deterioration, some prefer the original golden brown color of teak. Sun-proof or UV resistant covers for furniture will last longer when it is more consistently exposed under the sun.

But of course, you would not really have to do the comparing by yourself because sure enough, you are not really the expert. Try doing some research on the internet for the best material and kind for your furniture cover. More so, you can ask the assistance of salespersons who would tell you more options according to your lifestyle and they will answer questions that shall lead you to the best and right choice. For example, salespersons would suggest very durable covers if you have naughty and restless kids at home.

red cedar log bar stool furniture

Making your red cedar log bar stool worth it

red cedar log bar stool furnitureThe advantages of red cedar bar stool

So you have decided to buy red cedar log bar stool for your outdoor kitchen or your garden bar. You know that red cedar is your best choice for its beauty, durability, and sustainability to weather and insect damage according to the sales agent you were talking to and to the information you got from the internet.

Just when you have your red cedar log bar stools delivered in your home, you realize, it was not really the wise purchase you thought you made!

The following are some tips to follow to make your red cedar log bar stools worth the purchase, not only because they are made of cedar but because they are functional.

The style. First of all, you would have to determine the style of your cedar bar stool that will blend in with the whole environment of your outdoor kitchen or bar. If you have a rather contemporary or futuristic theme, then you look for modern, clean, and slim designs or those common swivel bar stools.

If you are having a native or traditional theme, then, your red cedar stools painted or hand-carved will be best. A lot of designs for you to choose from can also be viewed in the web for bar stools and other outdoor furniture.

log-bar-stoolThe bar stool height. Perhaps you were too overwhelmed of the idea of having new bar stools that you forgot to consider the stool height for you. Measure the seating area where you are to place you bar stools. There is not really a strict standard on how high your stools should be.

You would just then consider enough space so you can comfortably sit (sometimes swivel) and move your feet or legs freely while sitting on the stool, having drinks with someone. More or less one foot (10-12 inches) of space between the stool seat and the bottom of your counter table will be ideal.

Number. You need to measure the area where you shall place the stools, don’t you? And you have decided the design of bar stool you want to buy. But before you make the purchase, you must consider how many pieces of bar stools you would purchase according to your location.

If you have chosen the sleek designs of bar stool, then you don’t expect them to crowd in your outdoor kitchen or bar. But bulky stools? They occupy so much space, so, you might just buy a few of them. The most important consideration here is that, you have to buy according to your need and to how much you can afford to buy wood patio furniture.

Price over durability or vice versa. Talking about how much you can afford, you will most probably choose price over durability if you are tight with the budget. Red cedar log, because of its high quality, may not be all the time affordable though the red cedar price has also lowered because of the high supply. More expensive items are generally more durable.

If you can truly afford it, it would be best if you choose durability over price. It is economical in a way that you have bought furniture that lasts longer and sustains damage. You would not have to spend on repairs or replacements often. On the other hand, if you choose the cheaper pieces of wood patio furniture, you would just have to take utmost care of them to make sure they don’t get damaged easily.

These tips all boil down to one great challenge, to balance everything – quality and practicality, beauty and functionality.


Red cedar outdoor furniture advantages

red-cedar-outdoor-furniture2 Good Reasons to Buy Red Cedar Garden Furniture

When you are looking for quality cedar outdoor furniture for your patio or garden, you might want to consider these factors: Durability, Quality, and the Looks. Most people who wish to decorate their gardens with quality furniture always think of getting cedar furniture.

Why? It is a very durable type of wood. Not only that, there are numerous of advantages on why it is best to pick cedar outdoor furniture.

1) Durability

It is in fact the most advisable material to use for building outdoor furniture because it could guard against insect attack and decay. The western red cedar fibers hold oils that act as preservatives allowing wood to resist rot decay making it the most suitable material for moist and humid climates. These materials are commonly used in hot tubs and saunas.

The red cedar is the most chosen outdoor wood by homeowners and professionals alike due to its scope of applications. There can be no other wood that can be compared to its extraordinary and exceptional characteristics.

Cedar is a durable and aromatic wood that is not heavy. It withstands the elemental trend to cracking and moisture rot unlike many other wood species. The western red cedar is astonishingly perfect even on a hot summer day as it is very cool to sit in.

Nowadays, plastic and chemically treated woods are commonly seen and they only cause us to remember how tainted the world is.

Red cedar furniture is best to use to keep an ecologically friendly environment while having furniture that does not need regular attention and care against elements. Since there are no harmful chemicals associated with it, they are absolutely safe around children.

2) Ecologically friendly

The aromatic red cedar furniture is not just a wonderful way to decorate your home. Aside from its artistic factor, the oils from the wood produce a very pleasant aroma which has natural insect repellent capabilities.

These natural organic compounds are called thujaplicins; also an extract responsible for the decay resistance. Cedar outdoor furniture is great for your porch, garden, or patio. The presence of cedar suits the artistic structure of any design. You can finish them or allow it to age smoothly.

red-cedar-outdoor-table-chairCedar is a perfectly wonderful wood for the home. Most Western Red Cedar grows on the western edge of the coastal mountains of North America and in coastal forests. The coastal forest region of British Columbia supplies the most.

The Western Red Cedar is chiefly composed of heartwood. It is medium to dark brown in color with a sap wood that is white. The substances in Cedar are likely to stain and respond to outdoor paints and wood preservatives. It is not therefore advisable to use varnish on cedar. A marine grade spar varnish is recommendable but may peel off if the furniture has a hollow or if a depression is made. Like any other painted wood furniture, it may require to be repainted when from time to time.

Now that you know the red cedar outdoor furniture advantages, let’s talk about how to maintain your cedar wood patio furinture.

Caring for your Red Cedar Outdoor Furniture

Constant exposure to UV rays and rain can cause your furniture to fade and crack; therefore, it needs protection as well. A deck sealer gives protection to prevent the wood from discoloring; turning grey, due to sun exposure. Tinted sealers and stains offer UV protection for you wood. Clear sealers have no UV protection.

To run out on, red cedar wood patio furniture is functional and useful and has a myriad of benefits. It is wise to choose Red Cedar for the entirety of its unequaled features that is a cut above the rest.


Patio outdoor furniture set with rocker chairs

garden-patio-furniture-set-with-rocking-chairHow rocker chairs give comfort in your garden & lawn spaces?

Patio outdoor furniture set with rocker chairs has lovely designs that are sure to fit your outdoor spaces. These designs are spin-off of a regular chair since it has a seat, armrests, and backrest, but the difference is that a rocking chair has curved slats attached to the leg.

These sets of outdoor furniture that come with a rocking chair usually made of solid wood materials that can withstand heavy weather conditions. So, the rocking chair that comes with the set is an icing in the cake in your garden spaces.

When you relax, you can gently rock back and forth, which creates a relaxing ride and suites a refreshing feeling all over your body. You can also get a rocking chair made specifically for one person or if you want a bigger space, there are two and even more seat options available for costumed made.

Along with being comfortable, outdoor rocking chairs also have beautiful appearance that are fashioned out and made even more beautiful by the finishing touches that are applied to them.

They come in variety of colors and styles. Different wood materials are also used. You can choose whatever materials you prefer.

There are a lot of options to choose from and those mentioned were only some of them. To view a complete list, you can view their designs by going online in the internet. There you can browse all the selections without leaving your home.

outdoor-furniture-rocking-chairNot only would outdoor furniture set with rocker chairs be an ideal choice for your outdoor needs, like a deck, patio, or garden area, but you could place them inside your home too.

Likely, you just need a nice place to rest in that new finished basement – a rocking chair would be a very nice addition to the place.

One would be a great spot for any room in your home and other places you could put one include your visitors area, maybe in a bathroom as a nice decorative touch to the space, or you could even put a rocking chair in a playroom or nursery area.