What Paint to Use on patio outdoor furniture

painted wood outdoor furnitureChoosing the right paint for your garden furniture

If you should decide to paint your patio outdoor furniture, there are a lot of things to consider especially for modern patio outdoor furniture. Decisions are made based on the type of material your outdoor furniture is made of.

With the concern for the outcome, if you paint your patio outdoor furniture sets, choosing the right paint can be quite complex. The type of paint used will differ if it is outdoor furniture made from wood, metal or plastic.

Outdoor wood furniture has always been the top choice for home owners, so the type of wood should be taken into consideration. Some wood furniture is treated and some are not, depending on wood variety.

For instance, you have the outdoor furniture made from Redwood or Cedar; you can paint it using Enamel but start with a base of Kilz. Cedar has natural its own production of oils, so Kilz will help the paint not to run in spots.

Other types of wood patio furniture like teak furniture can also be painted using non-oil based paints like “acrylic latex paint”. You can look for the “outdoor furniture paint”. It is actually a plastic-like coating that will flex and stand up to elements.

For softer wood like oak, you might want to consider sealing it before painting your wood patio furniture as this type of wood are more vulnerable to weathering and decay. If affected by weather softer wood tends to bend and chip quickly.

Remember to always sand the wood with a medium grade sand paper before you apply the finish. A clean surface will guarantee a quality finish so it is recommended to seal the coat of paint to prevent it from dust, dirt and other unwanted particles.

painted Metal outdoor furnitureMetal outdoor furniture. Some of the weatherproof garden furniture is made of metal or aluminum. If you want to paint a metal outdoor furniture, you should use a metal primer or rust retardant type of paint for the first coat, then you can use enamel paint for the second coating.

You should clean and remove all dirt from the metal furniture using detergent and water. Use steel wool, wire brush or sandpaper to remove all peeled paint and rust and then wipe the surface with a cloth dampened with turpentine because no paint will stick to a greasy surface.

For Plastic outdoor furniture, it could be worn out or faded. You can now repair it and transform it to a factory finish. Simply paint your plastic furniture with “Krylon Fusion”, a spray paint that bond securely to all kinds of plastics and dries to a durable finish.

There is no need to sand and apply primer anymore. It applies to PVC, vinyl, resin, ceramic, glass, tile, wood, metal and other surfaces which are hard to bond; not to mention it can resist chipping, fading and it doesn’t peel off. This is a great way to have funky patio outdoor furniture.

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