The right outdoor wicker furniture

outdoor wicker furniture sofaHow to make a smart outdoor wicker furniture purchase?

If you decide to buy the right outdoor wicker furniture for you outdoor spaces or patio, there are certain things that you should know before buying one. Outdoor wicker furniture is available by brand and may vary in quality and construction.

Below are some tips that will help you in choosing wicker outdoor furniture that will suits your needs and will be a great deal for your money.

1.) Test the Tightness of the Weave

Choose a piece of outdoor wicker patio furniture that has a tight enough weave to withstand the heaviest person. One characteristic of wicker furniture is its ability to bend and form the body of the person. If the weave is too loose, it cannot withstand heaviness and will eventually break. So examine the tightness of the weave. Test the capacity. Sit on it if necessary.

2.) Check the Quality of the Reeds

Individual reeds that make up the piece of outdoor wicker furniture is another aspect that any good consumer should inspect before buying one. It should be pliable and should be shiny without breakage or tears. If it has few reeds damage then it can lead to major discomfort on your part. It can cause your entire furniture to loosen up and then will be damaged.

white-outdoor-wicker-furniture3.) The Paint Job

The paint or staining should not have any spot, or discoloration, and the coat should be smooth and importantly dry. Wicker outdoor furniture should not have any paint or stain odor in any kind.

4.) Applied Weatherproofing Treatments

Just like your patio outdoor furniture, wicker outdoor furniture must have protection. It must be treated with weatherproofing solution because it will maintain its color, smoothness and shine. The solution must be specifically designed for wicker furniture. Ask your sales professional for the best choice.

Simple cleaning tips

In cleaning your outdoor wicker furniture, you can use a damp cloth followed by a dry cloth to dry off. This is more effective than using a garden hose, it might encourage mold growth. After cleaning your furniture with water, it is important to dry it immediately.

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