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Beautiful-gazebo-designGarden furniture accessories guide on outdoor patio and garden gazebo ideas. What is the best gazebo design for my outdoors?

Gazebo designs come in different shapes and sizes. A gazebo adds a cozy and romantic touch to any home. Intimate moments with your loved ones or quality time for yourself are best under the shade of your garden gazebo. On your next barbecue party, your patio gazebo will surely be a conversational piece among your guests.

Gazebo ideas are endless but all of them are intended for your relaxation and pleasure. You can build an outdoor gazebo in your garden so you can have a shade while you pot your flowers and herbs. Add a whimsical gazebo as a highlight in your lawn’s landscape.

What is the best patio and garden gazebo design for my home?

A gazebo, as an annex to your house, should echo the architecture of your home or your landscape. The basic structure of a gazebo is a free-standing garden pavilion supported by posts or a structure attached to a garden wall. Gazebos have a roof and are open on all sides.

Garden or patio gazebos also include kiosks, belvederes, follies (decorative garden structures), alambras, and pergolas. Different gazebos ideas serve the same purposes – for shade, shelter, and decoration.

You may opt to commission your local carpenter to build a gazebo or you can get a customized portable gazebo from home improvement stores. You can also choose between a wooden gazebo and a metal gazebo.

In general, garden or patio gazebo designs are classified into:

Closed-roof-garden-gazeboClosed roof garden gazebo designs

The first mention of the word gazebo brings you to imagine a white, octagonal garden pavilion with delicate lattice ornaments on the walls. Someone you might know might have held his or her wedding against the backdrop of the romantic and classic Victorian gazebo.

However, your closed gazebo or roofed gazebo design is not only limited to the hexagonal floor plan. Modern gazebo designs are made of metal with a fabric canopy roof. Gazebo roofs in the United States are often made from shingles.

The closed garden gazebo may also be screened to ward off mosquitoes and flies. Screened patio gazebos, when joined to the house, become a functional sunroom where you can enjoy the outdoors with the comfort of your living room all year round.

To add an exotic flair to your home, a Bali gazebo draped with Sunbrella fabric or any sheer textiles will always be chic when you place it by your poolside. Marble or stone garden gazebos are reminiscent of Greek architecture. Portable gazebos are easy to install and care for.

Another unique gazebo design is a Japanese style gazebo that looks like an oversized lantern. This gazebo idea gives your home a tranquil zen atmosphere. There are other wooden gazebo designs you choose from.

Open-roof-gazebo designOpen roof patio gazebo designs

A pergola is another gazebo idea when you want to have an al fresco living space. Make a trellis using crisscrossed rafters or beams, and train vines over them. The foliage serves as a shade so you can have an open air sitting area or a spot for your hot tub.

A hot tub gazebo is not only meant as a luxurious home addition, it is also a healthy option. A good soak in your own backyard spa is perfect after a tiresome day from work.

The Parisienne gazebo or the Parisian metal gazebo became popular in France in the 14th century. This type of open roof garden gazebo is made of metal with arches and trellis to allow vines to climb. Metal gazebos will instantly give a rustic and romantic vibe to your garden.

The good thing about the open roof gazebo is that you can always cover it with a canopy to keep you dry when it rains or shield you away from the sun when it becomes too hot.

What are the factors to consider in my gazebo ideas?

Purpose – the gazebo or garden kiosk is versatile, it can be made into anything you like from a potting shed, sitting room, hot tub shade, pool lounge, and the list can go on.

But first, decide what the main purpose of your gazebo is. A lawn gazebo is usually made as the focal point in a landscape. A patio gazebo is mostly an extension of the main house.

Once you have determined the purpose of your gazebo, this is time you think how to accessorize your gazebo according to your needs. To ward off insects, you can use garden gazebo screens.

For hot climes, you can add a ceiling fan or an air cooling system along with glass panels. If you intend to put up a mini bar in your patio gazebo, consider adding water taps. For night parties, install light fixtures.

Size and location – Next is to figure out the ideal location of your gazebo. Is it near the kitchen so you can easily access it during tea time? Or do you want it by your poolside so you can laze around after taking a dip?

Then determine how big or small your gazebo should be. Pre-fabricated or portable gazebo kits come in different sizes you can choose from. But if you want your gazebo to be constructed on your chosen spot, use a can of spray paint to outline your gazebo’s floor plan. Walk around and visualize your gazebo to see if the space does not feel crowded.

Materials – according to your chosen gazebo design, you can choose among a variety of building materials. Most garden gazebos in the United States are made with traditional wood planks (teak, mahogany, birch, cedar, etc) and shingles.

Bali gazebos call for exotic materials like coconut lumber and thatch roofs. Wooden gazebo designs may be more costly than those made of metal and vinyl. Metal gazebo designs use wrought iron, cast iron, or tin.

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